Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dad's Tools

My nephew Francesco is now a grown young man. Recently he has been outdoors, like his grandfather and father, cutting wood on the property, and working on his new quad so he can go exploring on the mountain. When we last saw eachother, we exchanged stories about our chainsaws and cutting wood and I explained that my chainsaw chain was dull and needed sharpening. Like a sprinter he ran into his dad's shed and pulled out Nonno's bag with my dad's sharpening tools. Yes, they were alittle rusty due to non-use and sitting in the garage, but it brought back many memories. What that man couldn't do or accomplish. I really don't know how he did it. I sat down today with the determination to learn how to use these tools and sharpen my chain. Of course, half way through reading the half ripped, stained and almost illegible tool manuals, I took advantage of a tool my dad most certainly would have acquired and mastered, (the computer). More specifically, Youtube. Wow, you can find anything on that site. I know he would have been "addicted" like someone I know. Well, I did learn alot today, but most of all, I learned again, how amazing my dad was and how much I appreciate and love my nephew for giving me that rekindled desire to be just like him.

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