Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm posting several photos of my father when he was a young boy growing up in Italy. I received them recently from my cousin Mariangela who discovered them in Italy and was kind enough to share them with me and my sister. Although I'm uncertain about who some of the other people in the photos are, several show my dad with his parents, brother and friends. As you can see, he always dressed well and was handsome and full of life, love and a never ending thirst for knowledge. He left his beloved country and family to come to America and start his own family and pursue his career as a medical doctor specializing in Psychiatry. Never the stereotypical Psychiatrist, he was born with an intuition about the human mind and could see your soul through your eyes but never made you feel uncomfortable. He was real and loved to share his passions with others.

I had always admired Paul and his father's relationship and could only have dreamed of one like that. One day we were all in Pennsylvania at your parents house and my father stopped by on his way to look at my sister's new house, your parents being who they are, set up an old Italian lunch, which in itself brought my father back to family. We sat and talked and then your father read my father a poem, it was the poem you posted (Patria Mia). I had never before seen my father cry. That day was a life changing moment for both of us. It took a while and some serious working on, but after that day I have that relationship with my father that I always wanted, your father told my father it was OK to love your son, His words were "if I cannot show affection to my children, then how will they learn to show affection to someone else". I love you both and your family so very much, you all have my eternal gratitude. Thank you, for sharing such a wonderful man with so many of us that knew and loved him. He will always be one of my heroes. (Written by Anthony Leto)