Saturday, June 20, 2009

Comment By Aunt Linda On Father's Day

Dear Paul,

A successful life is one that is remembered fondly and inspirationally by those we leave behind. One that has had such an impact that it is lovingly shared with those who are dear but never knew us. I remember your Dad's intelligence, creativity, the gleam he got in his eye when he spoke of Italy and anything Italian and humorously the tone of his voice when he said De Lor' Es when he impatiently wanted to get her to leave a party and head home.This was a beautiful tribute to him. Thank you for sharing, I am sure he will be with you in spirit tomorrow.

Love Aunt Linda

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Father's Day Papa

Dear Dad,

I just wanted to write this letter to tell you how much I love you. I know you already know this. There was never a time we didn't say it and show it. We were never ashamed to give each other a big kiss and a hug. Although I have tears right now, and miss you terribly, I want you to remember that we will always love you and you are with Susan, Mom and me every day in everything we do. We can't get together or have a conversation in which your name or a story about you doesn't come up. Usually it has something to do with food, cooking, mushrooms, bamboo (mom doesn't like that topic), or one of many things you used to say that ring true every time we repeat them. As I get older Papa, I don't know how you did what you did. Your passion, intelligence, hard work. Of course I know now you couldn't have done any of it without Mom and even at 72, she continues to take better care of us than we can her. Every day, I fail miserably trying to be half the man you were but I never give up because I know you are inside of me and this gives me the courage to keep trying to be a better man. I know you're proud of Susan because I am too. She's a great Mom and has so many of your never ceasing inquisitive and creative qualities. And of course your grandson Francesco is so smart and growing too fast. I wish I could slow it all down just a bit. Karina is a beautiful young woman and Biagio an amazing young man. I can see the smile they still put on your face. I try to keep the promise I made to you when you left us, to look after Mommy and Susan but the truth is, they take care of me, by far, more often and better than I could ever care for them. They're the two most important women in my life and I have this to thank you for as well. I hope you hear me when I talk to you often, I certainly hear you when you respond because whenever I ask you a question, I know the answer you would have given me and it gives me endless comfort and guidance.

Thanks dad for being such an amazingly unconditional loving father and for being the best dad I could ever have wished for.

Happy Father's Day Papa

Love your son,